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Presentation Design

i'm a designer

I work as a presentation consultant to the top management of Fortune 1000 companies. My clients include CEOs, CFOs and a broad array of Senior Management.

Over the last fifteen years, my work has been presented to Wall Street analysts, Boards of Directors and executive teams.

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projects i've worked on recently

Legal - Securities Arbitration

Corporate - Business Structure Rationalization

Financial - Venture Capital

Pharmaceuticals - Sales and Marketing

Accounting - Customized & Detailed Budget Analysis

Wall Street - Investor Meeting Analyst Day

personal service

i work directly with clients

I work directly one-on-one with every project.

My work is custom, not templated - focused on giving you exactly what you want.

There's no salesperson getting in the way and causing confusion.

design philosophy

what you can expect from my work

Clean & Simple

Fancy and colorful PowerPoint templates abound, but they can easily distract. I prefer to minimize design elements, unnecessary animation and other feature gimmicks. Gimmicks distract from your message.


The viewer's eye should be drawn to the information that is important. The method and design of presenting the information should never compete with the information (but rather enhance).


PowerPoint encourages overuse of bullets (and other default features). It's much too easy to let your presentation become monotonous and ineffective.

work examples

complete show: scott's version, original version

what else do i do?

My passion is communication - and communication is being digitally revolutionized.

Still, there's the basics. I'm well versed in marketing principles. I have a rich background in traditional print, film and animation - and I preach the importance of adhering to a well analyzed marketing plan.

Interactive marketing (websites/web apps) is now roughly half my business. Click here for more information about web projects.

comparing cost

Slide houses traditionally charge by the slide. A simple text slide would typically cost $35. Ten simple slides will cost $350. Every chart or graph or photo, every line of text over five, every graphic, will cost through the roof.

I charge by the hour - $125/hour. I can turn out ten simple text slides out in an hour. Simple or complex, I'm always faster than the competition. Comparing my work to agencies and slide houses, I'm always less expensive.

I'm more than happy to estimate a project. Just give me a call.

custom cost

A graph or chart can easily take 20 minutes to customize. Add extensive or multiple data sets and it can take longer. Cost is driven by complexity. Making it coherent is the challenge.

My presentation projects vary from $500 to $15,000. I regularly do full- and multi-day analyst shows for Wall Street as well as smaller 10-20 slide shows.

I take my direction from the client. Do you want me to just do a fast cleanup? Or do you want me to get totally involved?


I am proud that I do superior work and I do it on time (often early).

I understand the reality of deadlines. I've never missed one, and I intend to keep it that way.

          Scott von Feldt
          voice:  585-529-5428
          email:  scott@i3mm.com