Amp up your slide deck

A powerhouse speaker deserves compelling visuals that reinforce critical messaging. Good slides don’t get in the way… but Great slides bring your ideas to life and paint an indelible impression on your audience. 

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Younger Scott

I’m Scott. I’ve been designing competitive presentations for over 20 years - a long time

I can do a simple redesign, or I can work as a consultant helping you reach the perfect message for the perfect audience.

I’ve worked with all kinds of people – from CEO’s and senior management to entrepreneurs raising money for new startups.

I’m curious about your business and your goals. I want to understand and communicate. I care about my work. 

You get me, not someone in a back room or an outsourcer


I work one-on-one directly with my clients sharing progress with you as we go along to make sure you feel comfortable.

My work is custom, not from a template,
to give you exactly what you want.

General graphic houses exist for turning out high quantities of mediocre work. That’s not what I do. My focus is on quality. 

Take a look at my
slide show samples

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What to expect


Fancy and colorful PowerPoint templates easily distract. I prefer to minimize design elements and gimmicks. Gimmicks distract from your message. 


The viewer's eye should be drawn to the information that is most important. The presentation should never compete with the information, it should enhance it.


PowerPoint encourages overuse of bullets and other
default features. Overstepping these elements prevents your presentation from becoming monotonous and ineffective. 

What will it cost?

Slide houses traditionally charge by the slide. A simple text slide 20 years ago would cost around $35. Ten simple slides cost $350. Every chart and graph and photo, every line of text over five, every graphic will cost through the roof.

I charge by the hour — $150/hour. I regularly turn out six average slides per hour. Tougher work takes a bit longer. Once I see your material I can give you an accurate estimate. Simple or complex, I'm always faster than the competition. 

Call me for an estimate

I prefer to talk with clients on the phone. My number is (585) 529-5428. My email address is You can send me giant files at 

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