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  • my name is scott

    i'm a designer

    I work as a presentation consultant to the top management of Fortune
    1000 companies.  My clients include CEOs, CFOs and a broad array
    of senior management.

    Over the past fifteen years my work has been presented to Wall Street
    analysts, Board of Directors and executive teams.

  • Industries that I've worked
    with recently

  • personal service

    I work one-on-one directly with my clients.

    The work is custom, not from a template,
    to give you exactly what you want.

    There is no salesperson in the way.

  • not a dog person?

    work examples

    These slides are a tiny
    sampling from the
    hundreds of presentations
    I’ve created over the last
    few years.

  • design philosophy

    what you can expect from my work

    Clean & Simple

    Fancy and colorful
    PowerPoint templates
    easily distract.

    I prefer to minimize
    design elements and

    Gimmicks distract
    from your message.

    The viewer's eye
    should be drawn to
    the information that
    is most important.

    The presentation
    should never com-
    pete with the infor-,
    mation, it should
    enhance it.

    PowerPoint encour-
    ages overuse of
    bullets and other
    default features.

    Overstepping these
    elements prevents
    your presentation
    from becoming
    monotonous and

  • comparing cost

    Slide houses traditionally charge by the slide. A simple text slide
    would cost around $35. Ten simple slides cost $350. Every chart
    and graph and photo, every line of text over five, every graphic
    will cost through the roof.

    I charge by the hour — $150/hour. I regularly turn out six average slides per hour. Tougher work takes a bit longer. Once I see your material I can give you an accurate estimate. Simple or complex, I'm always faster than the competition.

    I'm more than happy to estimate a project for you. Just give me
    a call.

  • custom cost

    A graph or chart can easily take 20 minutes to customize. Add
    extensive/multiple data sets and it can take even longer. Cost is
    driven by complexity. Making it coherent is the challenge.

    Our presentation projects vary from $500 to $15,000. I regularly do
    full-day and multi-day analyst shows for Wall Street as well as smaller
    10–20 slide shows.

    We take our direction from the client. Do you want us to just do
    a fast cleanup, or do you want use to get intimately involved in the
    design of the show?

  • contact

    I am proud of the superior work that I do
    and I do it on time, often early.

    I understand the reality of deadlines.
    I have never missed one, and I intend to
    keep it that way.

    Scott Von Fedlt
    voice: 585-529-5428